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Feedback, Comments & Press

If you have any comments, please contact me (please be sure to mark the e-mail 'subject-line' as 'COMMENTS' or 'PRESS' accordingly), also let me know if I can publish your comments on this website.
If you would like to book an interview with me for any press releases, please contact me (please be sure to mark the e-mail 'subject-line' as 'INTERVIEW BOOKINGS').


'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is the Handbook for a New Humankind, it's a modern guide to enlightenment. I keep returning back to Xian's book. To me it's so much more than a book, it's more of a guide to how life should be. - Julie
You do such a great job of teaching loads and loads of things that slowly build one onto the other so that by the end it all makes wonderful exciting sense. A well-written book that is amazing in scope and heart and is backed up by spiritual common sense, perseverance and logic. Your characters are cute and have wonderfully charming personalities. You carry the reader deep into your world and let them forget about their minds. - Nadine, my content editor
Your book is so cool! It took me on a really amazing journey and through lots of my own stuff in the process! Stuff I know, but needed reminding of, and stuff I didn’t know but feels familiar, like it's known somewhere in the basement of my mind. - Nadia
WYDNS is the expression of your super fabulous pixie self, manifested into a cute little book. - Brian
Yeah, Xian, yeah! - Dan
The Mind as a cute little creature sitting on a couch having tea? I just love it! - Nathan
I saw it on my friends bed, next to ‘I  Am That’... - Steve
I love the playfulness of it all! Playfully letting go of Emotions? Oh yes! - Chris
It’s so deep, but so fun too! - Matt
Xian, everything is in your book! - Wissam
It’s bit spooky how I’ve managed to get to this place where the book seems to take off from... - Sarah
Wow, I’m hooked on it already. -Marc, after 2 minutes
I finally get it. Oh my god! - Laura