How to Meet and how You Can Help Spread the Word
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How to meet and how you can help spread the word...

If you want to meet others interested in 'Why You Don't Need Shoes', if you want to help me spread the word about this wonderful book, or if you'd like to get involved with it's physical distribution, here are some of the things you could do:

bullet pointDOWNLOAD the FREE ebook AND FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Help the message in Why You Donít Need Shoes GO VIRAL! Please put links onto your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, podcasts, websites and whatever else. Have the world download Why You Donít Need Shoes and shift into a new dimension of fabulousness! Now!

bulletpoint Send me suggestions and contact details of organisations, people, schools, bookshops, television, radio stations, courses, individuals, companies, etc who might be interested in my work or who would be able to promote / distribute it

bullet point Recommend me in your local bookshop

bulletpoint Ask for my book in your local bookshop

bullet point Translate the book

bulletpoint Make a movie out of it or a stage play

bullet point Distribute it

bulletpoint Use it in a class

bullet point Suggest somebody to me who I should get in touch with about any of the above

bulletpoint Send me comments and press etc

bullet point Organise interviews, 'sharing meetings', workshops, signings, talks and so on, maybe even invite me to come...

bulletpoint Tell people about ‘Why You Don’t Need Shoes’ - the word will spread fast. Let’s experiment, play and learn together!

bullet point Use and become involved in the 'Why You Don’t Need Shoes' e-community once it's set up (it will be awonderful cyberspace for everyone to meet, talk and discuss their findings and experiences)

bulletpoint Use your imagination...

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Also please see'Workshops, Appearances, Bookings, Events', for more ideas on what to organise and where you can meet other people interested in 'Why You Don't Need Shoes'.

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If you want to get involved, please contact me!

Click here to contact me

(please mark the ‘subject-line’ of your e-mail as 'GET INVOLVED')

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Facebook link

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