What's it all about?
More about the book...
'Why You Don't Need Shoes' answers many Questions
Who is it for?
Writing 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' was an 'interesting' experience...
Behind the Scenes - The Story behind 'Why You Don't Need Shoes'

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The Book

What's it all about?

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is the handbook to become Aware, Wake Up and to Shift to a new level of Consciousness beyond your wildest dreams. It's about getting 'It' and whatever else lurks beyond.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is an attention-grabbing roller-coaster ride through a fascinating new dimension of the awe-inspiring Universe inside and outside of you. It's full of magical, life-changing insights and a hell of a lot of WOW-s, which will keep the pages turning and your eyes sparkle. Some people might think this book is fictitious... but it truly is not.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is the “Power of Now” for Joe Bloggs and the “Celestine Prophecy” for advanced students - and it's so much more, it'll make your Mind boggle. 'Why You Don't Need Shoes', is 'The Idiots Guide to be Now', it's the bridge between Psychology, the Paranormal and 'Hippy-shit', it's the link between our fabulous Earthly Existence and the Practical Universe. 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is quirky, spiritual, metaphysical and real! Serendipity, Co-incidences, Intuition, The Mind, Playing with The Cosmos, Being Conscious, Aware and Present. 'Why You Don't Need Shoes', reveals all.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is Mind-blowing,
Consciousness expanding and most of all Common Sense.
It's witty, it's funny, it's hands-on.
It's different, it's deep, it's New.
It's Full Power,
It's Now,
And it's ridiculous amounts of Fun.
It's big stuff accessibly packaged for everyone!


More about the Book?

Here you go...

Mmh, yes, Co-incidences, Synchronicity, Intuition, Being Now, Spirituality? Been there? Done that? Took it so far, got stuck, wonder how it really works? Wonder what's next? Wonder how it could be Fun, rather than a drag, a chore, a duty? Well, 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' tells you - and much, much more.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' explains how to tell your Intuition apart from your Mind, how to spot the 'real' Co-incidences and Syncronicities in your life, how to weed-out the significant from the insignificant 'Signs', and of course how to really follow your heart.

Being continuously, consciously Aware and Mindful, and by-passing your Rational Brain by following every single Intuition towards a multitude of lucky Co-incidences, are just some of the daring ideas that unfold in the pages of this book.

If your appetite is wetted, 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' continues to happily divulge the practical uses of Intuition and Co-incidences, as it steadily introduces you to a whole range of spellbinding subjects such as: The world of Meditation and it's vast, little known yet mind-blowing potential; Talking to the Cosmos and getting answers and guidance for anything and everything in your life; Merging of Souls; Communication without words; Spirituality; Psychology and Philosophy.

But all of that is still just the beginning...

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' continues with how to befriend that little creature in your head which generates all those unnecessary Thoughts, and how to let it teach you about yourself, your Emotions, Behaviour and interactions with others.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' describes how and why we think, behave and feel; that we're mostly being thought, behaved and felt, and that we generally react rather than act, as we are rarely ever consciously involved in any of those processes.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' sheds light on how our life is affected by who and how we believe we are (consciously or unconsciously), and then shows that in fact, as we become more aware, follow our own choices and tune into our Intuition, we can be whoever and whatever we want to be.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' explains in a beautifully straight-forward way, how we can light-heartedly and playfully 'Let Go' of the 'bad' things in our lives and Shift to a new level of Consciousness and Connectedness where everything just works out beyond our wildest dreams, where our Mind and our Emotions are strong and free, and where help is at hand whenever we need it.

When we Shift, the Universal Flow is ours!

In an utterly convincing, yet playful manner, the two main characters Lee and Tara, launch you into a new world of Mind, Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviour, Relationships and Cosmic Toys. Even those of you, whose Rational Minds usually find it difficult to accept unconventional teachings and information, will be easily led along the fascinating path of this deep, far-out, yet utterly reassuring discovery.

Through brain-storm-like discussions, Lee and Tara embark on a fantastic journey, where each topic is logically deducted from the previous one in a continual flow of ideas, questions, discussions, scepticism, explanations, answers and experiences. Lee and Tara continually take new and existing theories apart, clarify and refine them, and above all, come up with answers that make good old common sense.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is experiental literature! You will experience what the main characters are talking about while you're reading. By the time you finished reading 'Why You Don't Need Shoes', you'll already be doing it. There's no need for long 'To-Do Lists', as you'll actively get stuck in right from the beginning, seemingly without any effort at all.

Lee and Tara's practical, yet playful manner, together with lots of weird and wonderful facts, ensures that you are easily hooked and your horizons blown wide apart.

While being tremendously pleasurable to read, the logical, no-nonsense language, makes big subjects easily accessible to everyone. If you ever thought life could get boring, think again! This book will give you enough material to keep you excited for a while.

People have asked me if 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is it a Self-Help Book. Well, maybe. Maybe not. It'll certainly help to launch your life into a new dimension, but Self-Help? If so, it's not one of the: “this is your problem and this is how you solve it - kind of self-help", it's more a quirky: “look, the world is wonderful and there are lots of really cool things to play with, and while you're having fun doing that, your life gets sorted all by itself!”

I'm not kidding when I say that:
'Why You Don't Need Shoes'
can raise your Awareness,
and everything else -
might just happen
all by itself...


"Why You Don't Need Shoes" answers many questions:

How can you light-heartedly Shift into being peacefully Present and Now?

How can you really play with the Universe?

How can you easily implement your spiritual insights into your every day life?

How can you get to know your Mind and Thoughts inside and out?

How can you truly quiet your Mind?

How can you be peacefully Now and Present, with a huge, great, big smile on your face?

How can you become more aware of yourself, other people and your surroundings?

Have you tried to meditate, but gave up after two minutes due to back-ache or boredom? Have you wondered, how come that everybody is doing it differently? Which way is best for you? Why do people regard meditation as boring? Is it really all about relaxation or is there more to it? Are there any real benefits or is it all talk? What about the little-known far-out potential of it?

What's going on in your head when you meditate, think, or have an Emotion?

How does your brain work? How do you think? Can you really let go of your Thoughts?

What about that little creature in your head, which generates all those unnecessary Thoughts? Is it just a pain in the neck or can you learn from it?

How can you playfully understand and change your reactions, Thoughts and Emotions?

How can you deal with relationship break-ups while genuinely laughing about all the silly stuff that goes on in your head?

How can you really play with the Cosmic toys?

How can you make the Cosmic forces work for you?

How can you Trust your Intuition and follow your Heart?

How can you tell your Intuition from your Mind? Every time?

What about Co-incidences and Signs? Do they really occur? How can you actively play with them? How can you actively influence them?

How can you know the Signs from Random happenings? Every time?

How can you actively increase your luck, and how can you do away with the bad things in your life?

How can you get to a state of Being where you're perfectly in the Flow?

What's the Shift? A new dimension? A new way of living, thinking, feeling, flowing, connecting, a space where everything just works out? A new way of Being, that's available to everyone?

How could human-kind really live together in peace?

What is Oneness? How does the Universe work? How are you part of it? What's out there? Can you touch it? How can you play with it?

The paranormal, far-out stuff? Why are there so many charlatans out there? Why is everything so freaking complicated? - Or is it? Surely, I can't do this stuff? Isn't it only for 'special' people? Can everybody really heal or communicate without words or tell things about people by holding an object or do telepathy? Are there really vibrational connections between people? How can you merge Souls with somebody? Like practically? How do you really do it?

How can you naturally flow with the physical world around you and the mental world inside of you?

How can you Manifest things? How can you create a perfect reality around you? Actually, do you even need to manifest or is there an easier way?  ;o)

How to get all the help you need whenever you need it?

Who the hell are The Little Guys”? Can you honestly ask them anything? For anything? Is there really something out there that guides your life? Something that looks after you? Can everybody talk to the Universe, or is that loony material? Can you really get all of your questions answered? How can you do it and what's the point?

And the biggest question of all:

How can you have lots of fun
doing all of that?

Enjoy the Answers in
'Why You Don't Need Shoes'...


Who is it for?

'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is for people of all ages and walks of life. I have given drafts to so many different kinds of people and had so much wonderful feedback, that I will not limit myself by trying to spell out a specific target audience. So far everybody who has read 'Why You Don't Need Shoes', got something significant out of it. Amongst those were Travellers (of all shapes and sizes, occupations, ages and nationalities), London City Executives, Mothers, Grandfathers, Cooks, Shop Assistants, Psychologists, Teenagers, Hippies, Sailors, Marketing Managers, Historians, Manual Workers, Students, IT sales people, Account Managers, Investment Bankers, Politicians, Yoga teachers, British, Germans, Americans, Spanish, Italians, Swedish, Middle Eastern and Thais, just to name a few.

Some readers' lives were drastically altered and improved, some learned interesting new ideas and approaches to Life and Being Now, some simply liked the idea of playing with Co-incidences and the Universe. Some had their horizons totally blown apart, others were fascinated by the possibility of 'what if', some were amazed by the unknown potential in our Bodies, Brains and the Cosmos. Some were amazed to have found such a light-hearted and fun way to Let Go of their Thoughts and Conditionings, even to play with their deepest Emotional and Behavioural patterns, and to finally good-humoredly become who they were meant to be. Some people couldn't hide their relief, to know at last, from the bottom of their hearts, that every single one of us is always being “looked after”. Some were just happy that somebody had finally put their inner-most gut-feelings on paper.

It's for:

Normal, everyday kind of people who need practical and usable information, which is written in 'normal' language, with easy words, straight-forward explanations and examples, and which are applicable to their everyday lives. They need easy instructions that encourage with fun and potential, rather than discourage with complication and big words.
Professionals who're realising the importance of Free Time, who are taking their lives into their own hands, and who might need some inspiration to see the alternative options and possibilities 'out there'.
People that need some exciting new ideas about what life can be all about.
People that are bored with their life and just need some 'umpf'.
Aged people who have lived a society-led life and have realised that there has to be something more to it all...
The Traveller community, a growing number of which have been or will be professionals in their later years. Many young people nowadays travel as part of their life-education in their early twenties. They have left the 'civilized' world behind for a short while to gain distance, find themselves or just have fun. This book is the perfect companion.
The Party scene. Have you been on top of that mountain? Do you want to get back up there and stay there, without the need of any chemical aids? Well, here you go!
The true Yogis who miss the fun in their practice.
The people that have waited for something new, something different, something fun!
Beginners, adventurers and the 'old hats' of spirituality - it's for those who venture into the unknown for the first time, and also for those who have already reached certain levels of 'proficiency' in their spiritual practices, and whose big questions are: 'Well, now what?', 'So what?', 'What's next?'.
Anybody with an interest in Psychology/Philosophy, people interested in Meditation and it's amazing potential.
Anybody who's done the 'Psychology thing' and who needs a change to a more light-hearted, yet truly effective approach.
'Why You Don't Need Shoes' is a great companion for any Philosophy or Psychology course, 'Thinking School', Life-coaching session, Meditation class, or any other program which discusses the nature of Humanity, our Psychological and Emotional makeup, as well as our ability to play with it.
Anyone who wonders about their true spiritual potential.
Anybody, who is ready to take responsibility for their own life and happiness, and who might just need a little shove to follow their dreams and be happy.
Anybody who is at least the slightest bit open and prepared to listen to something that could drastically improve their lives, contentment and happiness - even though it's fun...

Basically, it's for YOU


Writing 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' was an 'interesting' experience...

As I'd never written a book before, I didn't even know where to begin. I had heaps of diaries with notes in front of me and sifted through them for usable passages. After an hour or so, I realised that this would take forever and really wasn't a suitable approach. I was curious if there was another way. Could I maybe find one more of my favourite shortcuts? With that in Mind, I opened my computer, placed my fingers onto the keys and waited. After a few minutes my fingers began to write the 'dedication'. From then on, the book began to unfold in front of my eyes, without me having determined a structure or even having determined the content I wanted to write about - I thought I was going to write a novel about my travels, incorporating some of the insights I had gained - little did I know...

The more I opened up and cleared my Mind, the more my fingers wrote, as if of their own accord. As my eyes read what I was writing, my Mind was in awe of the wisdom that emerged. As soon as I started to think, the flow stopped. As soon as I entered 'the Now' again, the effortless flow continued. It took a bit of getting used to, but it became exciting and fun in no time.

Existing knowledge, recent experiences and new cosmic ideas flowed seamlessly into one another. I wrote and learned at the same time. It was wonderful. In fact, a lot of my deeper research took place while I was writing, being instigated and inspired by the words that were flowing out of my fingers. Words would emerge about something in the morning and in the afternoon I would be witness to or experience the very same things happening around me. Often somebody would come and talk to me about something, which would always just happen to fit perfectly into what I was writing at that moment.

These magical occurrences, together with my own playful explorations, continuously demonstrated and reassured me of the validity of the words already written, and most of all, constantly provided me with powerful real life examples and solid hands-on experiences to include in my work.

Some of the things that occurred, were so ridiculously Co-incidental, so fabulously far-out and too good to be true, it was nearly scary - it taught me about staying grounded FAST. And boy, all that Emotional stuff that was dumped on me so that I could talk 'from experience'... Well, I guess I had to come up with a blueprint that works no matter what the situation... Sometimes I cursed The Little Guys (my cosmic helpers) for being such perfectionists... - now I love them even more - because it really works!

No matter how 'full-on' my experiences were and how intense my long periods of concentration had to be, I was blessed with help from 'everywhere'. When I needed solitude, my friends respected my needs. When they thought that I needed to get out, they would come, close my laptop and drag me off. When I would return to my laptop, my fingers continued writing the previous sentence where I had left off, without me even having to check or reread the preceding paragraph. That part was easy. The Guys and I make a good team.

Having a book come 'straight-through' is a blessing, but I tell you, next time I'll ask for better structure, punctuation and less repetition (effortlessly, please thank you) - because editing was hard, hard work (millions of sheets of paper, with bits highlighted in various colours, held down by big shells, flapping crazily in the Thai monsoon wind).

Writing a book is no small effort. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I detested having to do it, but not once did I doubt the importance and the necessity of the words in 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' to get out into the world. As a lovely friend of mine keeps saying, 'Xian, everything is in your book!' To which I keep replying, 'of course, that's why it took such a long time to finish!' Well, no matter how much I had to make my life fit around writing, whenever I reread a chapter, I knew it was all worthwhile. It really is a truly wonderful book.

At this moment in Time, everything I am, everything I stand for, everything I believe in, is in 'Why You Don't Need Shoes'. This book comes from deep within my Soul and Heart.

My life is a constant striving to increase my Consciousness and to make my life as Easy and Joyful as possible; to be Happy, Radiant, Relaxed and Peaceful in all situations, and for my Communications and Relations to be Loving, Open, Truthful, Respectful and full of Integrity - and of course, to have lots of fun!

There is a reason why you found this website,
and 'Why You Don't Need Shoes' –
And boy, would I like to see your face when you find out…

pink fluffy flower pink fluffy flower yellow flower pink fluffy flower pink fluffy flower


yellow flower

Behind the Scenes - The Story behind 'Why You Don't Need Shoes'

During my travels around this little planet, I was amazed again and again, by how tremendously diverse the world's cultures and it's people, as well as how drastically different our beliefs, our thinking and our behaviour are. Experiencing this first-hand, rather than just knowing it from hearsay, left a strong impression on me.

I had always been interested in different customs, traditions, Religions and their impact on a society's Psychology, Philosophy and view of the Paranormal. speech bubbleNow, being in far and distant lands, my horizons were blown away many times over, not just due to the knowledge I gained of the world outside of me, but also due to the new experiences of the world inside of me. Let me explain why.

The nature of travelling, especially backpacking, can bring out and intensify many fears, frustrations and interpersonal relationship issues you might have.  You need to be able to make decisions on the fly, adjust to many different situations, people, cuisines, put up with dirt and vermin, be immensely flexible, have tremendous yellow flowerpatience, and, like a good tourist, never 'lose face' by becoming angry, but deal with a whole array of potentially threatening or upsetting situations in a calm and composed manner.

With time, and if you want to of course, you'll learn about yourself through self-observation, observation of others' reactions to you, and through general trial and error. If during my time in England I saw and yellow flowerexplored myself, then in Asia I began to know myself.

For the first time in my life I spend endless hours without any form of outside entertainment. speech bubbleNever-ending bus and train journeys, no television, media or radio and often spending time with people whose language I didn't understand, meant that I began to spend more and more time in Meditation and in my own head, observing what I was thinking. The things which I discovered 'up there' in my Mind, fascinated me more than anything had done in ages. Over time I got more and more involved with the phenomena of the Mind. I began to systematically study the connection between my thought processes, trends in behaviour, emotions, feelings, as well as my interactions with other people.

yellow flower

Slowly I began to make connections as to how those thought processes speech bubbleinterrelated and influenced my life and level of happiness. I discovered that most of my 'internal trends' were caused by subconscious conditionings, and that I acted 'that' way or was 'this' way simply because that's what I'd always done, because that's the way I had always been, without any conscious involvement on my part at all. I noticed that I was automatically reacting to my environment, rather than consciously acting on it.

I became aware of the fact that my Mind and Emotions were littered with unresolved 'your-average-kind-of-childhood-traumas' and left-overs from the past, which still affected me. Eventually, using my own theories, I managed to playfully sort out my head, my Emotions, as well as many other subconscious influences, which had shaped my life from an early age.

As I was beginning to get to know the goings-on in my head, I remembered another past source of yellow flowerentertainment of mine. Co-incidences. Many years ago I had read a book called the 'Celestine Prophecy'. I had been amazed and intrigued by the idea of Co-incidences, Signs and Intuitions, which were presented within its pages, but as I couldn't find any real practical hands-on information to answer the multitude of my emerging speech bubblequestions, I embarked to do some of my own research.

When I began to merge some of my discoveries about the Mind with my findings about Intuitions and Co-incidences, things slowly began to make sense - on a much bigger level than I had ever fathomed.

During my travels I had the time and peace to go deeper and deeper into my discoveries and was blessed to have many amazing discussions where I had to explain and substantiate my thoughts and beliefs. As people began to ask questions and challenge my ideas, I learned to explain my thoughts in a logical and straight-forward manner for other yellow flowerpeople to understand. The travelling community turned out to be a great sounding board and a fantastic environment to learn and share.

Over the years I bounced my ideas and theories off other people left, right and centre, trying to figure out if my discoveries could inspire and help them as much as they had me. All those wonderful exchanges helped me to clarify and solidify my ideas. By learning how to consciously tune into and play with the Universe inside and outside of myself, I had somehow combined a bunch of unrelated subjects into a coherent law of dependence, in a way I'd never seen before. I watched with fascination as a strong theory and a practical blueprint emerged, of how to make my life and other yellow flowerpeople's, much more enjoyable.

speech bubble

During my first few years in Thailand, I included my discoveries with great success into healing and counselling sessions I was giving. I found my guidance boosted my client's spirit to no end and empowered them to play in the world with a smile on their face, no matter what life brought their way. Many commented on how easy, fun and practical my counsel was.

Interestingly I found, that even my clients who said that everything was going just fine for them, noted that their lives could easily still be improved upon and made much more fun.

As part of the incredibly positive responses to my ideas, people began to ask me to teach the principles and blueprints which I had developed. So I began to teach. I taught mainly in Thailand and for a short yellow flowertime in London, when I briefly returned to England in 2002. With time, more and more people asked me if I had put any of my ideas on paper. So far I had not, but I had joked many times that since I had talked about everything so often, maybe I should write a book about it.

speech bubble

In fact, I had known since I was a child, that one day I would write. I never knew what I'd write about or when that would happen, but Now felt like the right time. The subject was rapidly crystallizing itself in my Mind and something inside of me began to scream to be let out, first quietly, then louder and louder every day. It was simple. I had to start writing or go crazy.

I rearranged my life to allow me to focus on writing exclusively. I made a permanent home in Thailand, living on a beach in a straw-hut, with my laptop powered by a car battery, swinging in my hammock. Within about two-and-a-half months, I brain-dumped the main content of the book into my computer, working pretty much 24 hours a day. Then, over the following 3 1/2 years, I sat in my hammock and expanded, edited and tightened the book as much as I could, all along adding new research, realisations and experiences as they came into my life.

'Why You Don't Need Shoes', is the result of seven years of yellow floweranimated exploration, study and play. Five of those years were spent in intense solitary periods of writing on one hand, and a lot of all night dancing on the other hand, to counter-balance the intensity of concentration and the immense discipline needed to write a book like 'Why You Don't Need Shoes'.

With love,
Xian Alana LomiKoling